Dates: 23/03 - 27/03 2019

Total Duration: 5 days

Do you believe in Love? Let us show you the potential within each living being starting with meeting yourself, cleansing, feeding yourself and aligning yourself to Cosmic Energy.


The Inner Core of All Living Beings is identical with God. We are only separated in form, shapes and figures, which in essence, are illusions. There is really one I: God looking at itself and expanding its Experience of Life. Love is in and around Everybody and Everything: Micro, Middle and Macro-Cosmos. This Holy fire or Sacred Energy W can only crasp if We align our Health, Bodies, Patterns and Mentalities to Higher Frequencies of the Holy Spirit and very qualitative habits and relations.


All living beings form parts of a living universe and evolve continuously towards higher forms of life. The great upheavals and crises of our time are expressive of the downfall of a world culture and the birth of new, humane world society.

Concrete relations:

the very foundation of Real love is your own love to yourself.

See yourself as your own Best friend and lover. Then this genuine Love spills over to your closest relations: Partner, Children, Family, few rare friends and further to fall in love with Life, God, Nature and Alls and Everybody.

We as COSMIC Lovers indulge in cosmic Sensuality, Creativity, Tantra of Life and will in a evolutional perspective keep our sexuality Sacred and utterly Qualitative.

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